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About the PolGroup Corporation

The PolGroup Corporation is a New Jersey Corporation. We are Systems Integrators, a Consulting Firm, Xerox Business Partners and Xerox DocuShare Business Partners. The Americas and European sales and marketing units of PolGroup help its customers succeed by understanding their unique process flow, document and records management needs and then delivering solutions, systems and services that increase efficiency, improve document process work flows, and reduce cost of operations. To the customer - We bring Strategic Value with our solutions which include software and applications that enhance PolGroup's complete line of award-winning solutions, products and outsourcing services.

PolGroup distinguishes itself through its Strategic Value Process® a unique methodology used to develop innovative products and services to achieve business results and MAXIMUM return on investment for our clients.

PolGroup has earned industry-wide recognition for dedication to customer service, driven by a company philosophy called Strategic Vision®.

Founded in 2001, PolGroup corporate offices are based in New Jersey, USA, with other offices in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New York and Europe.

Strategic Value Benefits to you!

StrategicValueWare is a suite of applications which in concert with the Xerox DocuShare ECM and Records Compliance Modules provides the best solution for any enterprise or organization seeking to assert control over their process flows and associated electronic documents. Using the DocuShare Enterprise Content Management platform as a backbone for the solution, StrategicValueWare Modules greatly extend the core DocuShare functionality.

Benefits include (but are not limited to):
  • Mitigate Business Risks: Reduce the risk of missing relevant documents - especially for litigation, legal and tax.
  • Increased Efficiencies: Reduce time to completion of business operations process flows.
  • Increased Efficiencies: Reduce Project timelines - quickly identify documents to be retained or destroyed per policy.
  • Cost Savings: Reduce the all-in cost of Review.
  • Strategic Advantage: Early ID of problematic documents allowing measures of a precautionary or remedial nature to be put in place which mitigates legal and financial risks.
  • Reduce or eliminate lost documents: Documents can actually be found and quickly.
  • Reduction of Risk of non-compliance: Improving accuracy of work.
  • Litigation Readiness: A proactive approach to identifying documents allowing preparations for investigations or litigation.
  • Simplify Document Review process: Implementation of a standards policy based process flow enables consistency of the work product.
  • Achieve economies of Scale: Utilization of a standards based process eliminates wasteful repetition and unnecessary process steps.
  • Regulatory Compliance //with the technical provisions of 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and much, much more.
  • Electronic Signatures within the solutions definable Document Lifecycles
  • Easy To Deploy, Use and Administer
  • Can I get all that data [backfile & day forward] easily into the solution - so I can use it?
  • Can I model our business operational process flows to move to an eDocument Centric Solution?
  • Can it handle Documents and Records and be compliant with various regulatory agencies?
  • The answer is - YES!

    PG Events & Webinar's:

    18 February, 2009
    Government & Education Conference
    North East DocuShare User Group

    Attendee Comments:
    - What (Chelmsford Public Schools)... has done with DocuShare really pushes the envelope of what's possible -- not so much in a purely whiz-bang technical way, but in a cultural, sociological context.

    - Chelmsford Public Schools created something radically different...(and) built an entire interactive educational culture around... (They) didn't set out primarily to solve a specific given problem or business need...(rather) a vision of an interactive, technology-driven learning infrastructure, extending into many realms, and then proceeded to build everything on the powerful capabilties of the DocuShare platform...with help from his friends at PolGroup.

    - I would like to personally thank you and all of your team both from PolGroup and DocuShare for all of your hospitality at Wednesday's seminar. (We) came away with a vast understanding of the software that will help our company

    - The event, I thought, was a great success. I'm always encouraged to hear customers tell happy stories.

    - On our side of this market (litigation), clients are increasingly asking for more upstream solutions to better manage their legal documents before those docs migrate downstream to our litigation-ready repository. I'm hoping in 2009 to better leverage the DocuShare value prop as that upstream solution, so I'm especially grateful for your invitation to attend this event.

    Latest News:

    Our StrategicValueWare software has been PolGroup certified with DocuShare version 6.X and all previous versions of DocuShare from version 3.X forward.